If only it were this easy, right?

Hi there. I’m 43. I used to avoid telling people my age. But when I did turn 40 (which I really didn’t freak out about — not like 30…), I realized a few things. But that isn’t what this post is about.

Aside from (now) being proud of my age, I am also proud of my career. I have been in the design industry for over 15 years. I guess longer if you count my undergrad career, which is design-related, just a different kind: theatrical costume design and construction.

Anyway, like so many of us…you…us, COVID really caused an upheaval…

So for this assignment we were tasked with finding, and documenting, icons in the wild. Since the number of icons, symbols, etc. we run across everyday is abundant, I decided to document one trip in particular. From my home to the gym.

It all starts with a trip to the refrigerator to fill up my water bottle. It’s funny because this has been my fridge for almost 5 years and I have never really “looked” at it before. That icon for crushed ice makes no sense! And wtf is up with the light icon?! It’s terrible. Anyway, onward…

I’ll admit that I was as trepidatious as I was excited about starting the IA module of UX Academy. My boss from my last job had come from an Information Architecture background, and while she was always quick to share and explain her knowledge, it seemed that IA was a huge field made up of many different ideas and components.

Turns out she was right.

There was, however, a silver lining in that while the act of perfecting these skills takes time, the idea of IA seems simple enough. Organize information in a way that makes the _________ as easy…

OK, so our job was to create a task analysis map (thru storyboard format) for painting a room. At first, I was annoyed because as an OCD, list-making freak, I didn’t want to sketch. Plus, in my head I already had 65% of the tasks already listed.

I realized though during the exercise if I didn’t want my storyboard to be 1,000 frames long (like my list had inevitably already become), I needed to condense and combine steps into just one frame. I also had to make decisions on which way the scenario would go, where in my list I…

The Good Stuff


For what this is, I think it works great. You log in, you see pins that are associated with boards you already have…you can just scroll and scroll and scroll to your heart’s content. The top nav is simple: search for more pins, there’s a dropdown for ideas (in case you aren’t feeling that inspired), or go to your profile that shows all your boards, followers, following, etc. The upper left has a board they think you’ll like (based on your other boards). If you see an image you do like, hovering on it gives you options to like…

Jonathan Netek

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